How Can I help you?

I offer both training and coaching.

Which one is right for YOU?

Training - 

There is a difference between training and coaching.

I define training as "A prescribed program of instruction in skills and performance".

Training can be of a technical focus or of a business skills focus.

Training will target specific skills objectives.  Training can happen fast or slow depending on what skill you are seeking to master and how much time and effort you wishe to devote to their goals.

I offer 1on1, small class and large event programming in training.

I can train you.  I can train your entire team.

Reach out to me via the "Talk To Me" button on the header above to explore training options for you and your career goals.


Coaching is about finding meaning in decisions and actions.  It is about connecting intent with outcomes.

Coaching is about guiding you through developing self-efficacy, helping you find your way through barriers and limitations.

Coaching expands your comfort zones and focuses on holistic change.

Coaching is a process of whole person change beginning with thoughts, impacting feelings and motivation actions.

Reach out to me via the "Talk To Me" button on the header above to explore coaching options for you and your life and career goals.

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